Daily Mission Update : 2010-05-29

  • Vortex2 Daily Map (Day 29)
  • Radar vehicle - Nebraska
  • DOW 7
  • NSSL Vehicle - Nebraska
  • The Weather Channel/NBC crew
  • Dinner in North Platte, Nebraska
  • Report Detail - Day 29 --> 17 days left

    On Day 29, the Vortex2 armada ferried from Chadron, Nebraska to North Platte, Nebraska with the idea of possibly targeting developing storms along the way. The CSWR probe vehicles wound up doing several transects along Nebraska route 2, between Ashby and Whitman. Then traveled back west to Bingham, then back east to Thedford, passing through the little town of Hyannis about six times, at least. We were sampling a fine line - a type of thermodynamic atmospheric boundary, in this case resulting from the outflow of a cluster of thunderstorms further back to the north and west of the region - and so we had our mesonets going the entire time. Operations were called for the day early when it became apparent that no targetable storms would develop. We made our way to North Platte for the evening.

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