Daily Mission Update : 2010-05-26

  • DOW scanning
  • Hail on ground - near Denver
  • Supercell - Denver area
  • Rain curtains from supercell - Denver area
  • Turbulent skies
  • DOW 6 watching storms forming
  • Evening skies - Colorado
  • Supercell in early formation - Denver area
  • Report Detail - Day 26 --> 20 days left

    On Day 26, the crew started out from the Boulder/Loveland region and waited until early afternoon for cells to begin popping up over the Palmer Divide and even nearer to Denver International Airport. The storms rapidly intensified into supercells capable of producing tornadoes. In fact, before 3pm that day, no fewer than two storms were tornado warned. The CSWR crew, having spent the night in Boulder (the other teams were in Loveland), were mobilized and met up with the rest of the V2 crew, driving up Foothills Parkway and eventually turning off on route 52 east. The goal was to get north and east of the storms, and eventually we traveled east on 52 to 287 N, then catching route 119 east and then ended up on I-25. The crew targeted a storm, and we positioned ourselves for interception. Unfortunately, the storm did not stay tornadic for long, and so we didn`t deploy our PODs. However, the structure was impressive.

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