Daily Mission Update : 2010-05-23

  • Vortex2 Daily map (Day 23)
  • Mare and colt - Nebraska
  • Another picture of the mare and her colt
  • Scud cloud - Nebraska
  • Nebraska
  • Nebraska storm clouds
  • Nebraska sky
  • Texas Tech KA Band
  • Report Detail - Day 23 --> 23 days left

    Day 23 started out in North Platte, Nebraska traveling near western Nebraska and almost to the Wyoming region along route 25. An attempt was made to intercept some supercells which popped up later in the afternoon. Both the CSWR and NSSL vehicles were doing transects to collect data of the environmental conditions surrounding the storms. Colorado University deployed their disdrometers, and Texas Tech even deployed some of the Stick-Net instruments. The dual Doppler lobes were set up between the DOWs, NOXP and the SMART-R`s. Although the storm showed signs of weak rotation, it did not produce more than a few high-based funnel clouds. Field command called it a day, and we traveled back to Colby, KS in anticipation of an early departure on the morning of the 24th.

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