Daily Mission Update : 2010-05-21

  • Vortex2 Daily Map (Day 21)
  • Goodbye to our hotel in Colby, KS
  • Justin (CSWR) relaxing with his banjo
  • World`s largest easel - Goodland, KS
  • Kansas countryside
  • Adding props to the anemometers
  • Nebraska sky
  • Deploying a disdrometer
  • Probe 11 winding through Nebraska roads
  • Evening sky - Nebraska
  • Report Detail - Day 21 --> 25 days left

    On Day 21,the morning`s weather briefing discussed two potential target regions of interest relative to the Colby, KS area. The first, a southern target, in the panhandle of Texas, showed potential. To the north, the other target area (western Nebraska, northeast Colorado, southeast Wyoming) was also considered. After several discussions, the northern target area was selected. We traveled north out of Colby, KS all the way up to I-80 in Nebraska...We then traveled west on I-80 to Julesberg, CO, where we picked up route 385 and proceeded west on that road for a long time, until we got on route 26, which we took to Scottsbluff, NE. By this time, a storm was targeted for interception by the radars and mesonet teams. It had signs of strong rotation, and had been tornado warned twice by the time we got on it. Once we reached Mitchell, NE, we headed north on route 29. This would be the route on which we would begin and finish our mesonet assignments for the day, as this once tornado warned storm kept cycling and eventually weakened. Still, it had some terrific structure. We were quite a distance from our hotel which made it a very late night.

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