Daily Mission Update : 2010-05-18

  • Vortex2 Daily map (Day 18)
  • Josh Wurman (DOW 7) - Dumas, Texas
  • Near Dumas, Texas
  • Circulation begins
  • Beautiful!
  • Near Dumas, Texas
  • Storm lowering
  • DOW 5
  • Texas sky
  • Towering storm clouds - near Dumas, Texas
  • Report Detail - Day 18 --> 28 days left

    Today, Day 18, the Vortex2 armada traveled from Clovis, New Mexico into the Texas panhandle near Dumas and got on a storm with plenty of daylight left to observe some terrific structure. We were able to see at least one funnel cloud which extended more than halfway to the ground. This is technically considered a tornado by the National Weather Service standards. It was quickly rain-wrapped, so there was no visual confirmation that the circulation actually touched the ground. It was noted as one of most beautiful storms that many in the group had seen. Vortex2 operations ended at nightfall but CSWR continued to get ahead of the storm and deploy the tornado pods to gather data. The lightning in this storm was unbelievable! We ended our mission late in the evening and drove to Amarillo. It was a long day but chasing this storm was definitely worth it.

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