Daily Mission Update : 2010-05-15

  • Vortex2 Daily Map (5/15)
  • Parking lot in Midland, Texas
  • Park in Artesia, New Mexico
  • Tornado Interceptor Vehicle (TIV)
  • Waiting at a park in Artesia, New Mexico
  • New Mexico rainbow
  • DOW 5 in New Mexico
  • Near Artesia, New Mexico
  • Near Artesia, New Mexico
  • Near Artesia, New Mexico
  • Report Detail - Day 15 --> 31 days left

    Day 15 was interesting as we knew it would be a marginal day at best but the crew decided to take a chance and work the higher terrain of western Texas and extreme southeast New Mexico. Around 12:30pm, we departed Midland, and headed west to Kermit,(again), then took route 18 north to Jal, NM. From there, we made our way up 128 towards Carlsbad, and finally getting on a storm north of Artesia. We spent quite some time in a local park, waiting around for initiation before getting into position as a big group. As mentioned earlier, the weather briefing this morning basically mentioned that storm initiation and evolution into a tornadic scenario would be a long shot. Needless to say today was not a big day for VORTEX2. However, NO-XP, and DOWs 5, 6, and 7 were positioned to collect radar data of our storm. We ended operations around 8pm and began a long trek back to Midland.

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