Daily Mission Update : 2010-05-14

  • Vortex2 Daily Map - Day 14
  • More storm clouds
  • Scud (tornado look alike) clouds
  • ...and more beautiful storm clouds
  • Large lowering that spawned a tornado later
  • Another storm cloud picture
  • Storm passing over...
  • Flooding in Midland, Texas
  • Preparing to check out of the hotel
  • Working hard...
  • Report Detail - Day 14 --> 32 days left

    Day 14 was spent mostly in southwest Texas, first heading west on I-20 to Monahans, TX and then traveling up small country roads such as route 18, 302 and 62 through towns such as Winkler, Wickett, Kermit and Notrees. Convection fired early, so early, in fact, that only one team - a mesonet team, was in prime position to see the day`s two tornadoes and gather some measurements of the environmental conditions around the storm. The probe vehicles were too far away from the storm to deploy the pods but were able to capture some great pictures of a large lowering that eventually spawned the second tornado. Due to our positioning most of the Vortex2 team did not see a tornado. We did, however, get to watch a huge supercell and the core approach us but we had to leave quickly to avoid hail damage to the vehicles and the instruments. The Vortex2 team stayed another night in Midland. As we arrived to the hotel we witnessed the flooded streets which was caused by heavy rain that fell in Midland earlier in the day.

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