Daily Mission Update : 2010-05-13

  • Picture 1 title
  • Mike Bettes interviewing Josh Wurman
  • Dinner in Midland
  • Unversity of Florida
  • Heading to Midland, TX
  • Road stop
  • Hotel arrival
  • Report Detail - Day 13 --> 33 days left

    Day 13 was mostly a travel day so there`s not much to report. What was initially going to be a marginal chase day (at best) turned out to be a traveling from Wichita Falls to Midland, TV (via route 277 and, eventually, I-20) with operations being called off around 4:30pm or so. So, we all checked in to the hotel and scattered, some of us going to do much needed laundry and others to see the sights, grab a sit-down dinner or whatever. There`s a chance that tomorrow will be a chase day so everyone is catching up on much needed rest to prepare for another active day.

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