Daily Mission Update : 2010-05-12

  • Vortex2 Daily Map - Day 12
  • Hanging out
  • Checking the software
  • Discovery Channel and Josh Wurman
  • Storm Clouds
  • Scud Clouds
  • Lunch guest
  • Another lunch guest
  • CSWR Vehicles lined up and waiting for instructions
  • Josh Wurman and Dr. Greg Forbes
  • Report Detail - Day 12 --> 34 days left

    Day 12 began in Weatherford, getting on the road shortly after about 11am heading west on I-40. We stopped to have a picnic lunch at Foss Lake State Park in Foss, OK, where we were treated not only to a spectacular view of a gorgeous lake, but also a visit from several geese. After lunch, we continued west and were supposed to meet up with the rest of the V2 crew, but we instead went south on route 34 towards Sayre once storms began to initiate. As the afternoon wore on, a squall line began to develop in western Oklahoma and the cells were moving pretty much toward the northeast, putting the V2 crew in a favorable position to intercept the strongest cell of the bunch. Not wanting to waste an opportunity to deploy on a storm the teams quickly scrambled into position...All the radars were positioned along county roads (some dirt, some paved), and the Stick-Nets were dispatched. As for the CSWR probe teams, we were sent north and south along route 34, going through towns like Willow and Mangum, then eventually west on route 9 (east-west road) to meet up with route 183 to jog north and north-east, staying out ahead of the storms and driving through more small towns such as Lone Wolf, Hobart and Cordell and were instructed to wait near DOW 6, then move north along route 183 until it could be determined whether it was safe for us to deploy our PODs...By the time we were close to the storm - within striking distance - it was already after 8pm, and daylight was rapidly departing the region. The targeted storm quickly evolved into a supercell with 3.25 inch hail so to protect the vehicles and the instruments we pulled back and watched a fantastic lightning show. We were given the freedom to drift north to Weatherford and then begin our trek down to Wichita Falls (about 2.5 hours from Weatherford). Since many of the vehicles in the fleet were low on fuel, we opted to go north to Weatherford, and when we got to town, the tornado sirens were blaring because of the storm (our storm) which was racing north of Weatherford.

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