Daily Mission Update : 2010-05-11

  • Vortex2 Map - Day 11
  • Good Morning America with Sam Champion and Josh Wurman
  • Love`s damage (I-40 West) - near Shawnee, OK
  • Damage from roof collapse at Love`s
  • Love`s store front collapsed
  • CSWR team members waiting to get word to move out
  • DOW radio antennae
  • Afternoon Oklahoma skies
  • Storm clouds forming
  • Erik Rasmussen and Josh Wurman
  • Report Detail - Day 11 --> 35 days left

    Day 11 started off with a live interview on Good Morning America with Josh Wurman. The interview location was at the Love`s conveniece store on I-40 West that was demolished by one of the tornadoes on Monday. Vortex2 left Shawnee after the morning weather briefing. The meeting was basically a recap of what happened yesterday, and how we can best avoid running into a similar situation during future chase scenarios. We headed to Tinker Air Force Base which is the site of the first successful tornado forecast, issued way back on March 25, 1948. We had lunch and then headed back toward Clinton, OK by 3pm. From Clinton, we went to several smaller towns - Thomas, Seiling, Arapaho, etc. - getting to know the ins and outs of them all. When we did stop along the way we had a lot of locals come up to us asking questions - not suprising, given what happened yesterday. The majority of the afternoon was spent alternating between driving down the road and sitting in parking lots watching clouds float by and fizzle out. Later on in the afternoon, we began to see clouds build up and die out, over and over. However, eventually a storm did develop which prompted Vortex2 to call out on the radio to get into position for targeting and, possibly, intercepting. The storm motion today was much slower than yesterday, thank goodness, and so we actually had time to get up to the storm to evaluate what each team would be doing, etc. And, we were all able to stay within radio contact range. Our storm for the evening rapidly intensified from a general thunderstorm into a supercell, with the radar trucks reporting strong circulation. By the time the probe vehicles got into position, it was getting past dusk, and since the rotation wasn`t strong enough we did not deploy our PODs. So, the probe vehicles stopped on route 183 a few miles north of route 50 and watched the storm pass by to the north. Even though we didn`t deploy our PODs on any storms, the radar trucks got some good data as well as the Stick-Net and disdrometer teams.

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