Daily Mission Update : 2010-05-10

  • Vortex2 Map - Day 10
  • Stroud, Oklahoma - first meeting place for Day 10
  • Mobile mesonets
  • DOW setting up communication
  • Damage near Shawnee, Oklahoma
  • More damage
  • Beautiful sky after the storm
  • Report Detail - Day 10 --> 36 days left

    Day 10 began in Perry, Oklahoma preparing for a big chase day. Conditions were very favorable for the production of long-lived, violent tornadoes in central Oklahoma and north into Kansas, and that`s exactly what happened. Storms began to fire mid-afternoon, and we scrambled into position, traveling first to Stroud, OK and then north on 99, then back south again until we went on 177, then 377. We were still, as a team (CSWR) trying to figure out why we were instructed to go north, when there were currently supercells producing tornadoes to the south in Oklahoma City and Norman. We were too far out of position to get on any tornadic storm today. Once the storms developed, they intensified almost immediately, and were traveling 60+ mph. With limited road options, we just couldn`t get close enough to deploy our tornado pods. To make matters worse, our own CSWR crew got separated when law enforcement officials began shutting down roads due to debris and power lines, and so about half of the crew was out of communication range. Although some of the teams had no electricity in the hotel, all of the Vortex2 crew is safe. We are all very sad for the families who lost loved ones in this Oklahoma outbreak.

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