Daily Mission Update : 2010-05-07

  • Daily Vortex2 Map: Hays, Kansas to Amarillo, Texas
  • Hello Texas!
  • The Big Texan, Amarillo, Texas
  • A serenade before dinner
  • Picture Title1
  • Report Detail - Day 7 --> 39 days left

    Day 7 was basically a travel day so there isn`t much to report. We left Hays, Kansas after the weather briefing and traveled to Amarillo. We stopped for a picnic lunch outside of Dodge City, Kansas. It was very windy and cold so it was a quick lunch and then back in the vehicles toward Amarillo. After checking into the hotel, most of Vortex2 enjoyed a late dinner at the famous Big Texan restaurant. The Big Texan, home of the free 72-ounce steak. No one volunteered to take the 72-ounce challenge` but we did enjoy a great meal and a nice time together

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