Daily Mission Update : 2010-05-06

  • Vortex2 2010 Map: Day 6 (Tornado Pod Deployment)
  • Hayes, Kansas - craziness in the parking lot
  • SPC 4-8 Day Outlook
  • DOW vehicle in the field
  • Report Detail - Day 6 --> 40 days left

    Day 6 was the first opportunity of the season to deploy our PODs - on a non-tornadic thunderstorm which was very briefly considered to be severe. This morning`s weather discussion showed two options. One option was to head to northwest Kansas closer to Hays or to an eastern target also in Kansas. As a precaution, the group waited. And waited. And then we waited some more, hanging out in the parking lot of our hotel in Hays, KS. While we waited for a decision the crews continue to prep instruments and fix known bugs. We waited until after 3pm, and then decided on the northwestern target. As we left Hays, zig-zagging west, then north, then west then north (I-70 to routes 23, then 24, then 83) until we decided to target a storm to deploy our PODs...It was really more of an exercise in shaking out the kinks than it was a true deployment, and it really was needed, in anticipation of what`s expected to be coming down the pike in a few days. After driving for about an hour or so we got word on the radio instructing us to drop our PODs according to the prescribed pattern (every 100m), and all teams were able to successfully manage the task. We`ll be ready for a real test run shortly. Late to bed...heading to Texas tomorrow.

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