Daily Mission Update : 2010-05-02

  • Vortex2 Map (Day 2)
  • NHK TV Crew
  • Some of the CSWR team
  • Tulsa`s News on 6 TV crew
  • Report Detail - Day 2 --> 44 days left

    Most of Day 2 was spent completing final details on the DOWs, radars and tornado pods in Dodge City, Kansas. Tulsa`s News on 6 team joined CSWR to do live reports and travel with Vortex2 for a few days. Also joining CSWR is Japan`s TV station NHK filming a documentary on VORTEX2. We arrived in Clinton, Oklahoma late in the evening. We plan to get up early to travel and meet up with the rest of the Vortex2 groups.

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